Urgent: Valid B1 (Visitor) on old passport


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My mom has valid B1 (Visitor) visa until Feb 2018 & now I would like my mom to visit us for few months in the US. I will be with her during her travel however I have following questions & would seek your expert opinion.

  • Stamped B1 on her password is valid thru Feb 2018. However we are renewing her passport before travel & my understanding is B1 on old passport would still be valid & not cancelled. Please advise...
  • My mom traveled here before in 2008 along with my father but my father recently passed away. I would be with my mom during her travel now, should we expect any questions at the POE?
  • Do I need to carry any specific documentation for her during her travel?
  • I have to book her tickets soon but we are renewing her passport. Is it allowed to book tickets using old passport & travel with both new & old passport?
  • Is there a way i can renew her B1 while she is in the US?

Would really appreciate your quick response.

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Thank you so much for your quick response!

Have couple of more questions if you can please help with -

  • my mom's old passport has husbands name as Bindu instead of Bindumadhav & during their last visit my dad had affidavit to show it's the same person. Now we are renewing my mom's  passport, she will have husbands name printed as Bindumadhav (which is correct) but old passport has Bindu & stamped visa has name printed as Bindu. Will that create any problem, do I need a new affidavit?
  • Similar to name birth place on old passport has city printed as Barsi, District Solapur, State Maharashtra & now due to new zoning new passport will have Birth place as Barsi, District Pune State Maharashtra. Will that be a problem, do we need any affidavit?
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