Successful H1B stamping in Mumbai


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I have found a lot of useful information on this forum and I wanted to do my share to help others through this forum by sharing my recent stamping experience in Mumbai. My interview was in late October. I was only asked a few questions such as:

  1. Who's your employer?
  2. What do you do?
  3. Do you work at a client location? (FYI I am not a consultant)
  4. Where do you live?
  5. Do you like it there?

That's it! The VO only checked my 797 and told me to collect my passport in 2-5 days.

While waiting in line for my interview, I must have seen at least 30-40 interviews for different visas with almost all of them getting the visa approval.

My advice to anyone going for a stamping is make sure you have all the documents, be ready to answer all questions about your status and previous stay in the US and don't be nervous. Good luck!


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