What happens to my H1B approved case which was later withdrawn by my employer and later revoked by USCIS and I traveled back to my home country, India?


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My Employer filed for my H1B in 2015. The application was picked up in the lottery system .An RFE was sent in August to which ,my employer sent all necessary documents in response. The case was denied in October 2015. The employer found some errors in the denial reasons and an MTR was filed in December 2015. I went out of status in January 2016 so I had to permanently move back to India , my home country. In September 2016, the MTR case was approved and my employer tried to reach me but I did not respond on time so the employer withdrew the H1B in October 2016. Now, my case status for my H1B shows that the approved case is revoked.


I have the i797 B approval notice but not sure if it is even worth anything at all. The H1 approval as per this document is valid till September 2017.

I am not sure whether the new employer can file for a new H1B or get it transferred . I am also not sure if a new H1B application by a new employer will be cap exempt or will I be subject to lottery system again. Please help.


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