Final Green Card processing time


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Here is my Situation:

Description: Final green card processing time

Category: EB-2

Priority Date: 19-AUG-2008

LIN = Nebraska Service Center

Country: India

Concurrent Filling (I-140/I-485)  by 31st MAY-2016 when priority date was current.

I-140 Approved by 15th JUN-2016

Received I-485 non-acceptance letter from USCIS on 28th JUN -2016 because EB-2 date wasn't OPEN at that time

on 24- JULY-2016,Attorney resubmitted I-485 with an evidence that application was filed before 31st MAY-2016 and that non-acceptance letter was an USCIS 's administrative error.

03-AUG-2016: Received a letter from USICS that they accepted my I-485 filling

24-AUG-2016: Got an appointment for BIOMETRIC/ Finger prints

10-SEPT-2016: Received an  EAD at Home


Question to Attorney:

When can I expect my Green Card (final)?

Will USCIS consider the submission date on 31st MAY-2016 when my priority date was open?

Please advice.


Kindest regards,



from SLC, Utah




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