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Hello Sir/Madam,

Currently I am working with company A on H1b visa(5 yrs completed). Company A filed my green card I-140 approved a year ago. Now company B offered Full time Job and would like to transfer my H1b but its not ready to sponsor green card. Company A ready to keep my GC active and will be ready to sponsor Concurrent H1b so that i can work remote how many hours i can?. My questions are. 
1. Can I work as I mentioned above ? will company A is eligible to apply concurrent H1 B to me ? 
2. Does It impacts my green card process as i will be working on Concurrent H1 B with company A .
3. Will that Perm and -140 still valid for my further H1 extensions. 
3. Will I get my next H1b extension with company B after transfer without submitting Perm/GC to me.?
4. How many hours we can work on concurrent H1b any minimum or maximum hours rule for concurrent h1b workers? 
5. Do i need to come back to Company A at some point to file adjustment of status if my priority date is current? 

Please help me to decide how to proceed. 



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Thank you so much for the reply.  I am sorry I am not sure what amendment of GC is. I will search.... But I what i understood is I think new employer should file PERM and after approval port in the priority date right? .If that is called amendment of GC i will not prefer to transfer my H1B because new employer is not ready to file Perm for me.  






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