H1B stamping with shoplifting and Traffic Violation


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I was charged with shoplifting back in 2009 in Burlington Coat Factory, CA and got it reduced to infraction and later expunged the the case.Since then I applied my H1B and got my H1B extension as well.Recently 1 week back I got another citation for Tag Attached not assigned in FL(Driving a motor vehicle with wrong tags), court date is still in due.I spoke to lawyer and he said he will get it dismissed or change it to civil infraction like driving with out registration. Both the cars are owned by me and I sold the car and transferred the TAG to my old car and just before getting it transferred in DMV I was cited by cop. Later on that day I went to DMV and got the TAG transferred. I am worried how it is going to affect my immigration prospects and I have below questions and seek kind suggestions:

1) What is the best outcome for my current Tag Attached not assigned case?

2) If the case is dismissed or reduced to civil infraction like driving with out registration will that help my future prospects for H1B stamping?

3)If the case is dismissed should I mention this citation on my DS-160 form?

4) Any further suggestions will help me tremendously



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