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I am in a very wierd situation here, please help answering my questions. 

I am working for a multinational company from over a decade and couple years ago when my company proposed telecommuting I asked my HR and they agreed. So from past 2 years am working from home from a different city but same state. It is a different MSA than my company is in. Without realizing that they need to file a new labor and an H1B ammendment they have agreed for telecommuting and I did not know until couple days ago that I need them. My H1 has 1 year left and will be up for an extension next year. I have an approved I140 with the same company for my companies location. I have been paying taxes for my home location from past 2 years. 
So what are my options here? I read about the new rule and even though it is before April 2015 that this happened I am really worried about what would happen. 
Please tell me what I need to do? What are my options? 
If I look for a different job then will my H1B be approved? 
If I continue with the same company then what needs to be done in order for me to not violate the rules? 
Please help. 

Thanks in Advance.

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