H4 EAD I765 (I am applying for options doubt)


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Hi All, 

       My wife was on F1 and worked on student OPT for one year.  Her student OPT expired 4 months back.  Now she converted to H4 and is applying for H4 EAD.  In the application I 765 form, the following options are given. 

I am applying for:

Option 1)  Permission to accept employment. 

Option 2) Replacement ( of lost EAD card)

Option 3)  Renewal of my permission to accept employment ( attach your copy of your previous EAD ) 

Which option should we select? 

Any help is appreciated. 



Thanks in advance...




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Thanks for the response..   I also thought so.. but just got confused, as in OPT also we get EAD and we are again applying for EAD through different process...  so should we select New or Renew is where I got confused...     Now I will confidently go with option 1. 


Thanks again. 

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