Perm Certified, Question on i140 filing and employer movement


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Hi Everyone,

Good morning!

I am at the end of 5th year with my H1B. I have my petition approved with my current employer till by full H1B Cap of 2018 Mar. Also I have got this stamped in my Visa as well.

Now my Perm has been approved and my employer will start filing my I140.

With still close to 1 year left with my H1B, I am confused on the following and need your help

1) Can i go with regular processing of my I-140 or go with Premium? Which is more preferable in this situation? I know it depends on me, but provided the situation, please tell your suggestion?

2) How long does it cost to file your I-140? What would be the processing fee + Tentative attorney fee?

2) If I go with Premium, is there any advantage? (Sorry I have little idea about I-140 status and porting options)

3) Say, If i switch employer immediately after my I 140 is approved, Would by future employer show my current employers I 140 and get me 3 years extenstion, though i will still have 1 year of H1B Cap time left and have an approved petition currently for it? How does this scenario work?

4) Also, do I have to wait for a particular time after my I-140 is approved with my current employer so that he cannot revoke my I140? Like 6 months? Or is that rule not in yet? Or irrespective of switching employer after I 140 approval, they revoke ur I140? Please advice

5) so lets assume, my current employer revokes my I140 when I move to a future employment, will that have any effect or my Priority date or can i get it ported when I move to a future employment?

6) So say if my current employer does not revoke my I 140, does the future employer need to start everything from first or can he just somehow continue from my approved I 140 with my previous employer?

Thanks for all the help!

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