Getting long leave in between company transfers


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I want to take 2/3 months leave to attend to a personal concern in India.
My boss at my current company A is not empathetic - he says no India
leave atleast for the next 6 months. I have got offer from company B.
How can I plan my switch to B to have 2 months of leave.

I plan to get H1B transfer approved for B while being in US and then travel.

I see 2 options:

1) Travel to India while being employed at A. Get visa stamp for B at
consulate. Return on B's visa. Give 2 weeks notice to A, join B after 2

While in India, if B's visa stamp is denied, I can reapply and get A's visa
stamp. (B is a known good company, just in case..)

2) Resign from A. Go and be in India as long as I need. Get visa stamp for B and
return to US. I have to convince B about this option.

Please help.



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