I-485 :- RFE received :- asking for Affidavit


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Hi Team,

The RFE I received asks me to submit two affidavits as below.

 Quote from RFE letter
‘Submit at least two affidavits from persons with personal knowledge of the fact that your father’s first is ‘<name>’. Only his initials are reported on your birth and marriage certificates.’

1.      I’ve relatives here in USA who knows my father in person. Is it Ok if they write a self-affidavit and then ‘notarize’ the same with a Notary public..?

2.      My father’s Indian passport clearly states that his first name is ‘<name>’. I’m planning to attach scanned copies of the same while I respond to the RFE. Is that appropriate for me to do..?

Thanks much for your time and request your advice.


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1. Yes and make it as detailed as possible (e.g. mention that you are his son, how they know him, for how long etc.). If it is on 10 Rs. stamp paper, it looks much more authentic so try to get the stamp paper by speed post from someone in India.

2. Yes that would be great. If it has any pages showing you as a child, thats even better. Print it in color and notarize it too that it is "verified with original". 

Any other evidence such as certificates showing you are his son or he is your father would be beneficial too. In all cases though, print in color and notarize that it was verified with original.

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