While my H1B processing is in 221(g), Based on my case, What are my alternatives to get back in US


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Hi all,

Here is my timeline:

Nov 2010: Came to US on L1
Oct 2015: Change of status to H1. Though my I-94 is eligible till Sep 2016, but my approved petition has I-94 Validity till Sep 2018.
Feb 2016: GC I-140 approved. Employer said I don't need to file H1 extension because I have valid I-94 and approved I-140.
Aug 2016: Came to India on Vacation and Visa stamp. Stuck in 221(g) beyond 60 day period

Is H1 transfer feasilbe, If yes what are the complications?

While waiting for H1B visa in 221g processing, Please let me know if there are any other alternatives?


Thanks a lot.


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