Can i come back to US with an old Approved i-140.


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I am planning to go to India for a break probably for a couple of years.  If i come back will i need to go through lottery or is it Cap Exempt.

Worked for Employer 1 , through Employer , Perm and i-140 approved.
Moved to Employer 2, as i had approved i-140, got an 3 year h1 for Employer 2.  Perm has been filed ,I am thinking to go to India after filing my i-140 with Employer 2.

In future if my employer 2 revokes my i-140. Can i come to USA  with Employer 1.


Is the old approved i-140 still valid for me to come to us (Employer 1 hasn't revoked my i-140).  

For H1 will i be cap exempt? 


Any help in this area is highly appreciable.

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