H4 Petition filed with H1B transfer has future validity dates


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I'm on H1-B and recently moved to a new employer. I applied for my spouses H4 transfer along with H1-B transfer and was approved.

But her approved H4 petition has a validity date beginning 08-OCT-2018.

Her earlier H4 petition was valid from 28-JUL-2016 through 27-JUL-2019 which is same as my earlier H1B petition. During recent entry to US, she got a I-94 valid till her passport expiry date 07-OCT-2018. I believe USCIS approved this new H4 transfer as extension of stay which I assume as incorrect.

I need advice to know if she is still in a valid status and can stay in US. How to reach USCIS if there is an issue? Please let me know at the earliest. Thanks.

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