Indian Passport expired for Citizenship interview


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For Indian origin US Citizenship interview, my passport has expired on Oct 04th 2016 (just checked it), but my citizenship interview 
was scheduled on November 2016. Do suggest me, what is your opinion or any on the same boat. Do ask me to renew my Indian passport or not? 


Did we need to surrender Indian passport to US Office after this interview?

Appreciated your response.


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They certainly won't ask you to surrender your Indian passport at the interview. You will have to surrender it to the Indian consulate after you obtain U.S citizenship.

I also don't think they care for the expiry date on your Indian passport, especially since you are on a GC. A passport is only a document required to leave and enter a country. Expired passport doesn't mean expired citizenship for that country. If you have an unexpired GC, you can reside in the U.S even with an expired Indian passport.


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You do not need a valid passport for your interview. Of course you need a DL as valid proof to enter the building along with their letter. You do not surrender your Indian Passport to the Indian Embassy. You send them your passport with a covering letter and proof of having got US Citizenship and they will send the Passport back to you with a punched hole and a stamp saying Cancelled due to acquiring US Citizenship. This allows you to apply for OCI should you want to.

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