Valid H1B Visa - US to Mexico/Bahamas Cruise


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Both myself and my wife (Indian citizens) have H1/H4 US visa stamped and valid till June 2019. We want to go on a 3-5 night cruise to Mexico or Bahamas from any port in the US. 

  1. I came to know that with valid US visa, there is no need for Mexico tourist visa. Is this true in case of cruise too? Can we take Mexico cruise without taking Mexico tourist visa?
  2. What is the situation when it comes to Bahamas cruise? Should we take Bahamas tourist visa? If yes, please guide on any necessary steps and timelines.

Please check this link.

Thank you.

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3 hours ago, pontevecchio said:

Since you are not a permanent resident you will need an appropriate visa for the Bahamas. Please do not book any tickets before confirming requirements in writing about entry in to other countries.

thank u. for bahamas, i will take their tourist visa.

for mexico, i think i am good with valid US visa.

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For mexico, you are good to go with Valid US Visa 


you need a visa on a cruise to the Bahamas when you are

1. Citizen of India

2. Living/visiting USA on H1B, H-4, J-1, B1/B2 (all these kinds) or on advanced parole

3. Traveling via a closed loop cruise

4. Stay on this island for few hours

5. Have valid visa of USA with I-94 and passport not expiring in next few months

I hope this would help you.



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