H1B urgent help pls


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I came to usa in 2013 and joined proj and my employer as per new policy filed my amendment on march 2015 and it went for RFE after 9 months and he answered after 2 months by the time he answered RFE im out of the project and USCIS revoked my H1 on May 2016 but in USCIS site it shows its revoked effective march 2015 the date we applied amendment

so this whole year is considered out of status? I have pay slips for all the months

My employer filed a appeal as well and its still pending

Meanwhile i transfered my h1 to difft employer  in premium processing and got an RFE on it , RFE doesnt have any question about my status its related to education evaluation and Employee employer relation.

We have answered the RFE now and waiting for response from USCIS from 1 month though premium processing its been more than month

Vermont office.

Experts pls advise me 

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