H4 VISA Second Marriage


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My case is a bit complicated. I got married couple of years back and there was a gap of 7 days between ofc and h4 visa interview for my wife. We went through fingerprinting but due to some reasons we decided to call off our marriage after that. My wife didnt apply for the h4 visa and she never got interviewed. I came back to the US alone. Later that year, we file for a mutual consent divorce and it was granted this year. No where in my records I have mentioned that i was married (and now separated) (Not mentioned on Tax documents or h1b visa renewal etc.).


Now I am getting married again and my wife is applying for her h4 visa. She know about what happened in the past. Will she have any issues during the interview? Can the VO pullup records about my previous marriage from the DS-160 and fingerprint application my previous wife submitted? Should I ask her to carry the divorce decree? I am confused because no where i have mentioned that i am married so how will the VO know about this? My first wife didnt even appear for H4 interview. My H1-B is approved for 3 years and I have valid stamping as well. Will these questions ever be asked?


Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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