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 We got a minor issue with our attorney. 2 months back we consulted our attorney and  only few days back we got into an agreement for eb5 processing when he was in a highly reputable firm.  It has enormous experience in EB5 and immigration. Now  he moved into a new firm 1 month back which is also a good one but its not an exclusive immigration law firm.It has got every law service under it. no doubt its a very big firm with decades of experience. 

 but i see thier eb5 dealings are in wane compared to the 1st law firm.but our lawyer is highly skilled in dealing with EB5 programs.  please enlighten me what role does a firm play in eb5 processing. or is it the lawyer that matters everything.  

 should i go back to the primary law firm. or continue with this lawyer. We have not started any legal work with our attorney. we are in a state of confusion. so please let us know what a firm does towards our eb5 processing. Does a firm play a significant role in eb5 processing ?     
awaiting your reply 
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