Going for stamping after 8 years


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Regardless of how long it has been for you here in US, you may or many not have any issues in visa stamping. But that shouldn't keep you from visiting your home country. It will be a while before Dec 2012 becomes current. If I were you, and I needed to go to India, I would just plan well and go, and not be held hostage (in a way) to the fear of visa stamping.

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On ‎10‎/‎24‎/‎2016 at 9:26 AM, MRahul said:

Hi, I came to US on F1 and am currently on H1. I have not travelled for last 8 years. Now if I go to India then can it create some problem for my Visa stamping?

Please Note: My I-140 is approved. My priority date is of Dec 2012.


No it would not. You are not alone, there are many who have not had any issues. I have message you as well.

I do suggest that you prepare for an answer though. Look at some other posts I have responded to for similar situation. If you were on F1, you would have had more burden to show non-immigrant intent and ties. With I-140 approved, and H1B having dual intent, you have pretty much crossed that bridge. There is a slim chance the VO may ask, so instead of coming up blank, just be ready with any truthful answer, that's all.

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