H1B Ammendment Issue


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Hi ,

My company is in NJ . Now its been 10 months I have been working from California. After 10 months I moved back to NJ. For the 10 months my employer didn't file LCA nor H1 amendment. I paid California taxes for 10 months. Is it going to affect my stamping process or renewal?


How can this situation be corrected? I have been working for my employer directly, no clients.


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I am in the same situation as of you.    From the day 1 of my US entry, I was following up with my employer to file my amendment as my work location was different (east coarse) than the one mentioned in initial LCA (west coarse).



After 5 months, I filed H1 Transfer and I got RFE asking about my current work location and amendment case #.     My attorney requested for consular processing in the RFE response.   Now I am leaving US only for stamping again.

Not sure I will get visa again or not.   But this is very poor practice followed by few employer.






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