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Hi, I am a student doing my masters. I am expected to graduate in a couple of months. My visa expires in June 2017 and I have a valid I20 till the end of August 2017. Provided the fact that my F1 visa will expire soon is it possible to get an OPT? If I did how long would be my OPT period? Is it out of status to be in the US without a valid visa? Is it possible to travel to India?


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You can get your OPT for as long as your major allows. If you are a STEM major, that would be 12+24 months and if you are not a STEM major your OPT would be for 12 months. Your visa stamp has no bearing on this. The stamp is only for your entry into the country. If you are travelling out of US after your visa stamp expires, you would need new stamping.

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