H1B: Revocation vs Withdrwal


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I was on H1B and got terminated as my employer is closing the firm and is notifying USCIS about my termination. I have following questions:

1) will my H1B be revoked or withdrawn? I read somewhere that if employer is going out of business USCIS revokes the H1B? what is the difference between withdrawal and revoke?

2) if the H1B is revoked, and I find another employer in future, can the new employer apply for H1B transfer and will I be considered cap exempt? or I will have to go through H1B quota as my previous H1 was revoked due to employer going out of business.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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An H1 is revoked when the person no longer works for the employer. A withdrawal of a petition means that the petition hasn't been approved yet.

H1 revocation is an administrative process and has no effect on the person. A new employer can file an H1 petition for you at any time.


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