PERM Labor: 9089 Processing Time, Need your suggestion...

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Hello Friends, 
About First Step of Green Card, My PERM: 9089 has been filed with the DOL on 27-Sept-2016.
But my current H1B Visa is valid till 24-July-2017 (which is approximate 10 months from filing) 
My Company will be filing my I-140 on premium processing for me & my family. 

Please suggest how much time labor 9089 / Perm process can take? I heard it should be approved within max 6 months. 
Considering max time of 6 months (Perm / Labor 9089), and 1 month of I-140 processing, i am expecting these to be approved by max April 2017. 

Now I have 3 months left to file my H1B extension... Is this good approach, or will you suggest me to go India for 2 months 5 days, so that my perm filing date would be older than 1 year, and i can atleast get 1 year of extension (if in case Perm or i-140 takes longer time).. I am avoiding my india travel, as i will also need to go for stamping. 

Need your suggestion. Thanks

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Hi - I am exactly on same boat as you are in. 

I also filled in Sept,16 and my visa expiring in June 2017. I am not sure if you go to India for 2.5 months if that makes your perm filling older than 1 year. 

I am going to india and I will do my stamping too. Not sure what will happen with me. 

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