Visiting Visa for widowed Mother-In-Law


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Hi !


I am currently on my second term of  H-1 visa, with my I-140 stage of Green Card processing completed.


In 2012, I have written visiting visa sponsorship letters to the US consulate in Hyderabad for my mom and my aunt, both of them being widows. Both of them have been granted 10 year multiple entry visas. They keep visiting us once an year.


I recently got married earlier this year. My wife is not working yet.


My mother-in-law is a widow too. She has two sons(my wife’s elder brothers). Put together as a family, they do not have substantial savings. My mother-in-law has an apartment on her name, and gets pension enough only for managing expenses in India.


So, if my mother-in-law has to apply for visiting US, which is better- she sponsoring herself or I sponsor her trip and expenses? Please let me know.

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