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I got GC on 13 May2011.went to India on 5July2011 ,getting re-entry permit for 2 years bur returned after 356 days,(9 days short of 1 year) on26 June,2012.I will complete 5 years of continuous residence from 26 june2012 on 26 June 2017 along with other conditions for citizenship ,though I travelled to India almost evey year but no trip exceeding 180 days .should I produce any other document ,if atall needed, besides re-entry permit for my absence before 26June2012 ?


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The reentry permit kept your GC alive. It has no meaning whatsoever for naturalization.

Your residence has been broken by the trip abroad of over 180 days, unless you can show to the satisfaction of the examiner that residency was not disrupted. THings like having kept a home in the US, not having accepted employment abroad, etc. help.

If in doubt, discuss your situation with a good immigration lawyer.

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