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I am a citizen and would like to sponser GC to my sibling who is a New Zealand citizen. Is it possible? While the GC process is in progress will he be eligible to enter USA on any of the these categories?F,H,L,B? I was looking for information in the link below:

What does the section below mean?


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Can my sibling come to the United States to live while the visa petition is pending?

There is no avenue for your sibling to enter the United States prior to immigration on the basis of a pending Form I-130.  In most instances, the beneficiary of a pending or approved immigrant visa will not be eligible for a nonimmigrant visa, although certain exceptions may apply.


Thanks, any help is greatly appreciated!

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It takes 12+ years after filing an I-130 for the PD to become current for a sibling of a US citizen.

And when an I-130 is filed, immigration intent is shown, which means getting most non-immigrant visas, like visitor visa (B2) is not possible because they don't allow immigration intent. H1 and L1 do allow immigration intent.

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