H1-B Stamping Barbados


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I'd just like to share my experience concerning a successful visa stamping instance at the US Embassy in Bridgetown, Barbados. I have previously been on H1-B, then chose to pursue further education in the United States (H1B-F1 CoS) and recently started employment again, so my employer initiated a H1-B CoS. My work requires me to travel internationally, and due to increasing wait times in consulates across India (avg. 120+ days when I checked in September 2016), I decided to get a stamp in Barbados (appointment wait times were considerably shorter at just 2 days). Please keep in mind that if you are an Indian National, you will most likely require a visa to enter Barbados which can take 2-3 weeks to obtain. However, the US visa interview itself was fairly smooth since this was a reactivation of my previous H1-B visa, and I received my stamped passport in 2 business days. While my experience is by no means a representation of what the typical process should be, and it is best to seek qualified legal advice before considering this option, I just thought I'd share my experience since there is a dearth of information concerning H1-B stamping in Barbados. Good Luck !


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