H1B stamping administrative processing with passport with US consulate for 3 weeks now


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I went for me visa stamping at Kolkata consulate on 19th September. I was eligible for drop box as I went for stamping within 1 year of my visa stamping expiry. But then they called me for the in person interview. I went for interview on 22nd September. After about 20 minutes of interview they said that they were satisfied with my answers. When I asked whether my visa was approved, they said they are not the person who will approve my visa, there is some other team who will do it. They took my passport and it is still with them. When I check the status of my application on the website https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/, it shows Administrative Processing. I tried to email the USCIS help desk, but they have the generic reply which says all administrative processing are generally resolved within 60 days. Anyone faced similar situation? My passport is still with the US consulate. I didnot receive any slip or letter till now.

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Arin and Badluck, can you share some more information on your visa type (appears to be H1B based on this forum, unless H4), prior visas, education background. They should have given you a slip, but in either case it appears to be 221G. if you can share more information, folks on the forum might be able to help.

If your education background is in TAL (I hope not), then it may take 2-3 weeks or if your employment is a EC/EVC model then perhaps 2 weeks as well (since you are in India). No documents may be required from you. Considering your timeline, you should have already received something (which is why you stopped posting) or you are about to get it. Please do share more details to help others.

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