Reckless Driving Charge


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Hi ,

I have been charged with Drunk and Driving (DUI) Charge in California on 2014, Taken finger prints. I had .08% BAC ( Just legal limit). I had approached to lawyer and Plea bargain reduced from DUI to Reckless Driving. I am planning to go to india for H1B Visa stamping.

Should i expect medical evaluation?   What are the questions to expect at the Visa interview? Any other consequences with this Reckless driving? 

Please help me.


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Yes you will have medical . In interview they might ask you to explain what happened on that day,what happened in court and what punishment you got.


Do carry court certified disposition letter. Also carry all the documents you have related to that case. Plus at poe they will send you for secondary and check disposition letter etc .


did you get email that your visa is revoked? or any departure entry in i94?

Please do update once your visa is stamped. 

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