wrong gender on Green card

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I recieved my green card in september 2015 and did not notice till today that the gender on the card is M instead of F. I also did international travel in december 2015 with my new green card without any problem.

I am about to file form I-9 for my new employment and it needs a copy of my green card. 

My  questions are:

1. Can I work while my green card is getting replaced and corrected via for I-90?

2. Can I submit my existing green card copy with my I-9 uscis form since I have to join new employer and cannot wait till the green card gets corrected.

Thanks in Advance.



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1. Yes

2. Yes


Make sure to attach a copy of your replacement application for the GC along with the I-9 should they raise a query and only then, and note you do not have to pay for their mistake. If your work does not notice, let it be till you get the corrected GC. If they insist make an INFOPASS appointment and ask for a temporary passport I551 stamp explaining the need for urgency.

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