Urgent H1B Transfer in-progress and need to travel to India


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I have started working with new employer & H1B transfer is in process from last three months. I have valid stamping & I-94 from previous employer until Aug 2017.

I have a situation in India that I need to travel on urgent basis. Can someone please help with following? it's urgent please

1. Can I travel to India while my H1B transfer is in progress

2. After I leave US, will USCIS abandon/cancel my case?

3. What all documents I should carry so there will be no issues at POE? I have valid passport, stamped visa & I94 from previous employer till Aug 2017, Receipt number from new employer, certified LCA, pay stubs for 3 months from new employer

4. Can travel if I change my case to premium & prior it's approval?


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