Renewal of expired H1B while staying in US on L1B


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I was in US from Company X (5/9/2009 - 2/28/2010) on H1B (valid from 10/01/2008 through 09/04/2011). Went back to India in 2/2010 and joined company Y. Currently I'm on L1B from Company Y (since 6/15/2015 - till now).
Now I want to join back company X. Can my expired H1B be renewed by Company X?
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Thanks. But I'm concerned about the dates from which this 6 year period is considered.

Is it considered from when I left US on H1b (2/2010) or it will be expiry of visa (9/2011)?

Because if last date in US on H1b is considered then it already passed in my case (6 yrs from 2/2010 were till 2/2016).

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