Is it mandatory to take Cobra health insurance even for a very brief unemployment period?


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I have recently changed a job in August and went from employer A (say, where I was on STEM-OPT, to a new employer (say B) which has sponsored my H1B. More precisely, my STEM-OPT terminated on Aug 15 for employer A and new H1B (academic) started right after 10 days on Aug 25. I have been recently notified by employer A about the COBRA insurance but it shows very high premium even for a short period (it also says I have to respond to COBRA before 10/31). My question is it mandatory to choose COBRA insurance for this short period of time-can there be any legal complication if I do not choose to have it. My health insurance benefits from the employer B starts from the the first week of October and I will be covered after that.

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