OPT Expired on 9.27 - Cap Gap in effect. RFE on H1B still pending


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I would really appreciate some help with my problem. I received an RFE on my H1B petition. The response was received by USCIS on Sept 7 but my status has not been updated since. My OPT expired on 9.27.2016 and I am currently working at the client location under cap-gap. I filed for premium processing today but I have concerns around my status. If i do not receive a reply by Sept 30th can i continue to work post Oct 1 if my decision is pending? 


All my documents on my RFE are complete - i was able to provide a letter from client saying that my MSA is covered under NDA and cannot be provided. Please let me know if anyone knows anything or is in a similar situation. I appreciate your help! 

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