Received RFE for maintenance of status J1 to h1


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I came to US on J1 visa valid till june 30.
I applied for change of status to F1 on march which is till pending. I came to know that I can legally stay in country with pending F1 status.
My employer also initiated my H1 this year on april (j1 to h1).
I have got a h1 RFE asking me to prove i was on a valid visa when my H1 was filed. 
H1 filed date is 26 april, whereas  my j1 program completion date is 30 june. 
I was on valid visa at the time of applying h1.

Please help me out what can be done

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On 10/16/2016 at 3:49 PM, Attorney_15 said:

It seems that USCIS sees that you were in J1 status and  filed the Change of Status to F1 so USCIS wants to know what was going on. 

Now that I have got RFE for H1, asking to provide evidence of stay from j1 expiry to october 1. 
will it be wise to give details of my parallel application f1 to prove the cap gap? 

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