Request for initial evidence for EAD


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June 23rd I-765 application has been received

August 17th- Request for initial evidence notice has been mailed

Didn't receive the mail, called in to check after 15 day time limit on September 1st I received the notice by fax (required a signature on I-765 application)

September 1st- Sent the evidence

No update, Called on September 9th, spoke to an officer, She said she was able to see that the response to the notice was received in her screen.

But the Status online is still the notice has been mailed

Met local congressman, requested to send an expedite request on September 12th. Also, planning to go and check in the local USCIS office. 

Have an employment offer letter with a start date 5th of September, requested the employer and extended until September 26th. 

Have anybody had similar cases? If so, How long does it take to receive a response. I'm worried if my employer would agree to wait if there is a delay again. 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated



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