DS 160 Query : Present Work/Education/Training Information


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Last year my application was not picked in lottery as my EAD expired, I came back to my home country within the 60-day grace period.


I am in my home country right now.  my employer applied for my H1B and it got approved.


I was looking for jobs in my home country and every employer in my home country needed a minimum of  2 years commitment, so I did not join any company in my home country as my H1B was filed / approved by my U.S Employer.


I am filling up my DS-160, planning to go for stamping sometime this month. Since I do not have a Job in my Home Country should I select "NOT EMPLOYED" under "Present Work/Education/Training Information"  in the DS-160?  


What is the impact of being unemployed in home country for 7 months and going for H1B Visa stamping ? 


Please advice. Is there a way to provide satisfactory answer to the VO.

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