Abandoning Approved I-140 (By Employee, NOT Employer)

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GC filed with company A in EB3 in 2006. I140 approved, 485 filed, EAD received in 2008.

Moved to company B in 2013 using AC21 and EAD. DID NOT port GC case from company B to company A (basically company B no way involved with GC process - renewing my EAD using my own money).

In the meantime, got in touch with company C who was willing to sponsor in EB2 category as a FUTURE employment GC (note: still employed with company B at this time). I140 through company C approved in 2016; however could not get GC during retrogression.

Now, planning to join company D. Company D is also willing to file I140.


Can I abandon the approved I-140 application filed by company C (as future employment GC)? And instead go with company D? Reason I want to take this route is, company D is a better company to work for. If yes, how do I 'abandon' it? Because if the dates become current in October (hopefully), I will get my GC thru company C and I am obligated to work for them. I'd rather get my GC to company D and work for company D.



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