Error in EAD card. What are next step possible


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Posting on behalf of friend, 


Applied for OPT-EAD in March,  Got the OPT-EAD card in May.


The card received had an END DATE of 29 AUGUST 2016  instead of 13 July 2017 (Which is 1 Year of OPT Period). Clearly the mistake was from USCIS side, she sent for correction and they received the application for correction in July  but they havent yet sent the corrected EAD card nor have they updated the status. Her current EAD (wrongly) suggests end date as August 29 2016 she is already working for a company and will not be able to continue employment post this date unless she receives the updated card.



So my question is.


1. What can be done to know the latest status of EAD card ?


2. If she cannot get to know the status of the card, Can she transfer to F1 Status again ?


3. If she transfer to F1 status again, can she use the remaining CPT and OPT days.

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