Desi Company Demanding Money


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I was staying in US for past 3 years with H4 Visa. Last April, 2015 a Desi Company Filed be H1B and I got it. 

I signed a Promisory note says that I need to pay 3 months pay if I leave the company before 2 years. But, There was no clause that I cannot join the Client Company.

I joined as a contractor in a clent company last december 2015. Before joining client company signed a contract with my Desi Consultancy that they have rights to hire me as FTE after 6 Months.

Last month my client company initiated the H1B transfer process and got the approved H1B with Client company. My DOJ in Client company is Coming Monday Aug-29-2016. 

Now my Desi Company demanding me to pay 3 months salary of 18K $.

They threatening me that they will go to court if I dont pay that money. What should I do now. My Client company HR told that they cannot do anything, but still I am scared.


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On 8/25/2016 at 11:00 AM, JoeF said:

Why in the world did you even sign such a document???

Such companies are frauds.

And it is illegal for a company to ask for money for leaving the company early.

Next time, understand what you are signing BEFORE you sign it.

If we dont Sign, They wont file H1B Visa for H4 people. I worked 6 years in India and completely frustrated to loose my career being in H4 in US. At that time I have no intentions to leave the Desi Company. Many told that these are illegal and its only a formality they do.

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3 hours ago, kbab said:

If we dont Sign, They wont file H1B Visa for H4 people.

Then find a better employer. There are lots and lots of good employers out there.

NEVER sign such contracts! It is THAT simple. Companies that want you to sign such contracts are frauds.

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