Promisory Note and Desi Company Demanding Money


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I was staying in US for past 3 years with H4 Visa. Last April, 2015 a Desi Company Filed be H1B and I got it. 
I signed a Promisory note says that I need to pay 3 months pay if I leave the company before 2 years. But, There was no clause that I cannot join the Client Company.
I joined as a contractor in a clent company last december 2015. Before joining client company signed a contract with my Desi Consultancy that they have rights to hire me as FTE after 6 Months.
Last month my client company initiated the H1B transfer process and got the approved H1B with Client company. My DOJ in Client company is Coming Monday Aug-29-2016. 
Now my Desi Company demanding me to pay 3 months salary of 18K $.
They threatening me that they will go to court if I dont pay that money. What should I do now. My Client company HR told that they cannot do anything, but still I am scared.


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