H1B stamping and port of entry during last 6 months of H1 6 years


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hello all,

i have valid visa stamped till 2017 april and i have my wifes h4 stamped as well untill 2017 april. I have passport renewed and i have a new passport but the valid visa is in my old passport.. fyi...

i have changed my employer in 2015 to xyz from abc.

i have new i797 approvals from new company for my and my wife.

i am in last year of my H1b and by 2017 my years of h1 is going to complete. 

my questions are :

how safe is now to travel to india in september and return back in november.

and since i have a valid visa stamped in both of our passports should we have to go for visa stamping again or can come back on same visa by carrying new I797 approvals ?

I have only 5.5 months left when i come to usa back in november ? is it safe. 

i can extend my h1 for more 4 months due to my vacations i have taken in past and now.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks !!

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