H1B stamping vs Dropbox


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My wife was on h1b until march 2016 (her visa stamp is valid until september 2016). She moved to H4 in march 2016 via the status change application filed by my company attorneys. Later on she got another job and they filed for her H1B and got approved in July 2016 until July 2019. Now, will she be eligible for dropbox for the visa stamping if she travels to India after september 2016 when her old visa stamp expires. I have this confusion because she moved from H1 to H4 and then back to H1 again so Im not sure if this will be considered as H4 to H1 and hence she may not be eligible for dropbox. At the same time she never had a H4 stamp on her passport, h4 was just a status change and then she got back to H1 again.


Please suggest. Thank you



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