Stamping in Canada for H1 B


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I would like to know if i can go to Canada for visa stamping in Vancouver.


Below is my history, All are H1-B.


1. Current Employer - from June 2016.

2. Employer B  - from July 2014-Jun 2016. (Traveled to India in Jan 15 but did not go for stamping as my Employer A stamp was still valid)

3. Employer C : From Nov 2013 - July 2014 ( the stamp was valid till July 2015. Stamped in India)


With above conditions, i would like to know if i can go to Canada or should i be going to my home country(India) for the stamping.


I can go to India and get stamped but there is a lot of waiting for the same in all the is more than 100 days.


I have to travel in a month now and looking forward to complete this at the earliest.


Please suggest. Is there a way to expedite the appt bookings by any means.


Thank you

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