L1 - H1 and L2 - H4 Conversion


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Hello ,


I need some urgent advice from your side. I will give you a brief intro about my case :


  • Currently L1A and my wife is on L2
  • Wife has filed for L2 EAD extension and is due in September (considering the 90 day processing period)
  • Our L1 is valid till August, 2018
  • My H1 has also been picked up in the current lottery and is currently approved (via the same employer)
  • I have 140 approved against EB2 category


My questions :


  • Can I ask my employer to delay my conversion to H1 by 6 months, so that my wife can use her L2 EAD to work ?
  • If I transfer to H1, then what is the processing time for conversion to L2 to H4
  • While her H4 transfer is in process, can she work using her current EAD till the day the actual H4 transfer is complete.
  • Once H4 transfer is done, will she need to apply for a new EAD again ? Or can she continue to use the current one as my 140 is approved
  • If the H4 transfer takes more than 2 months, is there a faster way to gain her H4 Status like premium processing
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1. If the H1 was with COS from L1 you will start on October,1 or later and she will need to convert to H4 status .


2. Till you retain L1 status she retains L2 status. From October,1 she will not be able to work on the L2 status.


3. Different EAD's.


4. No premium processing for H4.


Any reason why you did not file her H4 COS with your H1? She can leave and return with the H4 visa and then apply for the EAD.

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