From H4 EAD to H1B


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Based on my spouse H1B & approved I140, i got my EAD and started working with an employer. Now, a consultant filed my H1B and I got into the lottery and waiting for the approval. I believe the H1B is filed with COS.


Now, how will it work once it gets approved with my employment? Will the new H1B makes my H4 EAD status invalid? Or I can wait for some time, continue my work and slowly transfer it to as a contract position to my employer with the consultant?


Please advice me as I m confused with the COS and how my case can work.


Your kind suggestions on the above matter will be appreciated.


Thanks in advance


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If the H1 is approved as COS, you are on H1 from the approval date on, and you have to start working for the H1 employer at that time. If the H1 employer is a consulting company, they had to provide a client letter with the application, so they are supposed to have the project waiting for you.

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