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I had booked appointment for me and two kids.


Entered the building 25 mins before my appointment time. Except passports and kids photo, none of the other documents were checked. Very quick process done in 15 mins.

I didn't take my kids with me, so I carried their passports and 1 photo.

I was under assumption that kids passports will be collected as Dropbox category, but I was asked to carry them with their DS160 to Consulate next day. Again, I thought I have to drop it in the consulate in a designated place. But it doesn't work in this way. We have to handover kids passports to the visa officer who interviews us. Alright!

Note: You are allowed to carry mobile phones switched off. Photocopies booth is also available where correction on DS160 can also be done in case of any.


Entered the queue standing outside embassy around 8.45AM for the appointment 10AM. I saw a guy standing in front of me with 11AM also.

A guy verifies the passports in the sidewalk and asked us to go through where our bag can be kept in a token base booth. Good for people who wants to carry mobile and other stuff.

After the security checkup, you are allowed to go in and stand in a queue for 30 mins. Nobody was checking appointment time. After that you will be allowed inside the main building where the passports will be checked first then moved to counter 18 for fingerprint verification. These two things will be done in 20 mins.

You will be in the final queue where you can see how the interview goes and stand for 20 mins. You will be directed to a visa officer upon the availability. Officer who interviewed me just showed previous guy a yellow slip to wait around there as he has to do verification, I learned that guy has been in US for 4 years and TechMahindra and direct client.


VO: HEY, come on, sorry for the delay. How are you doing today?

Me: that's ok, I'm pretty good. How r u?

VO: Can you give me your passport?

Me: handed over my passport and kids passports together and explained.

VO: Didn't they want to come?

Me: they are in jetlag as we reached few days back.

VO: (smiled) Gotcha.. Where is your spouse?

Me: she is in US and on h1b. (I assume he asked coz she was on h4 and moved to h1 later)

VO: oh, she is on her own visa

Me: yes.

(Checking on his system something as kept asking below questions)

VO: who is your petioner?

Me: xxxxzzzxzz

VO: Are you working at the same employear location?

Me: No, client place

VO: Which client are you working?

Me: Had to say two times

VO: Clent address?

Me: xxxxxxxxzzzxzz

VO: how long have you been in US?

Me:  x years and y months

VO: how long have you been with the petitioner?

Me: x years and y months

VO: what's your salary?

Me: xxx,xxx dollars per annum.

VO: gave me the pamphlet and ask me to put it on my file. (He was still on his computer and tied all our passports  together and kept it aside)

VO: I have approved your visa. Have a wonderful vacation out here.

Me: Thank you very much. Have a great day!

Time was 11.15 when I came out.

Passport Pickup: (Administrative Processing)

Attended interview on Friday and checked my DS160 status on Monday early morning online. It was saying "Administrative Processing"

Checked after few hours around 11AM, status was "Issued"

Checked evening using my passport number, it said "received from consular section and being dispatched to the delivery"

Next day I got an email/text to pickup passports. Relief!!!

God bless you all!

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