Amendment for client/location change on expired visa while extension appln still in progress


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My H1-B visa expired on 20th August 2016. My employer filed for extension on 15th Jun 2016 in normal processing which will take 6-8 months to complete. Now my project will get over on 10th Sept 2016. After which I will get new project in new location and client. I wanted to know if amendment for client and location change can be applied before my extension request has completed. 


My Queries

1. I wanted to know if amendment for location change can be applied BEFORE the completion of current extension request for old project and old location has completed ? 

2. Or does the extension request need to be completed before applying for amendment for new client and location ?

3. Is there any way to proceed with amendment for location and client change in parallel with existing extension application ?


I know a straight forward solution would be converting the existing extension application to premium and completing it and after that apply the amendment application but I wanted to know about alternative solution as my employer will not file in premium processing.




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