New L1A Clock reset, Previously in US for ~6 years until Jan 2016


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I was in US for almost 6 years with a L1B+H1B combination for same employer. With 4 months left on my Visa i moved back to India in Jan 2016.


If i want to start a new L1A - 7 Yr with the same employer , Can i start the process now [ ~10 months in India] and start working in US from Feb 2017 . i.e. Exactly 1 yr out of US ?


OR Should i get my Visa initiated only after 1 year in India ? Please advise.


Thanks !





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Thanks Joe.


I think i can do it, just to reconfirm :

To speed up the process, can i initiate all the paper work during 11th or 12th month and have the petition filed only after 365th day ?


Sure, the employer (not you, it is the employer's petition, you can't be involved in it) can prepare the petition and file it at the 1-year mark.

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